Should you scuba dive or not?

  1. You get to explore and experience parts of the world that many don't get to see. The ocean covers 71% of the earths surface, so if your goal is to see the world, then scuba diving is perfect for you.
  1. The risk of scuba diving that most people talk about is decompression sickness. This happens because when you breathe underwater nitrogen bubbles build in you body and if you ascend to the surface to quickly they can form bubbles. These bubbles can cause severe pain, severe tissue damage, and death. To prevent this, always follow your dive computers instructions and make a safety stop at 10–15 feet for 3–5 minutes.
  2. Drowning is a more common danger of scuba diving. It is typically because a diver panics or goes unconscious. It can also be caused by equipment that malfunctions, for example a regulator/ breathing piece that stops working. Drowning can also be caused by personal underlying health issues. This can be prevented by proper training and the buddy system.




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