The Pros and Cons of Coffee

  1. Coffee keeps the mind healthy. It has antioxidant properties, that protect your brain cells and keep them healthy. As well as boost the performance of your neurotransmitters. Because of this, studies have shown that drinking coffee can play a part in preventing illnesses like Alzheimer's.
  1. Coffee causes people to lose calcium. Overtime, excessive coffee drinkers put themselves at risk of osteoporosis, which causes you to lose bone density and become more fragile. Fortunately, this can be prevented by adding milk into your coffee.
  2. Coffee can cause weight gain. Caffeine can cause our blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This can lead to sugar cravings. When these hit, people are more likely to choose something sweet and fatty to snack on. Also, most people add sugars and creamers to their coffee which can also cause this.




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haley lester

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